Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Ashtabula Railroad

Dean Freytag Collection


Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Ashtabula RR
The Great Lakes Gateway Serving Davies Steel

With the passing of Dean Freytag on December 25, 2010 a pre-established Bill of Sale was executed and the of South Ridge Lines and Davies Steel was transfered to Roger Camplin, Jim Cuccarese, Jim DiPaola and Garry Lance.
Dean's collection of photographs, slides, drawings and "How To" articles is being sorted and scanned for future publication on CD. Unpublished chapters of "The Cyclopedia of Industrial Modeling" have been found and may be published.
Several slides have been used by Author Stephen Timko in the Morning Sun book "Steel Mill Railroads-Volume 3". Once the photographs and slides have been scanned they will be placed in appropriate archive containers and a search for a permanent home will be done. Rolling stock and structures have been divided up between the 4 Partners with some rolling stock being sold at silent auctions. Roger Camplin, Jim Cuccarese and Garry Lance each have a blast furnace. Jim DiPaola has the BOF and continuous caster. Photos of the steel mill structures installed on layouts can be seen at Park Lane Hobbies
http://parklanehobbiesonline.com/ and Davies Steel Mill page of this website.

The first CD with Dean Freytag's drawings will be available in August 2013. Watch this website for more information.
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